Ben’s take on Meditation 2/9/12

A few nights ago Ben mentioned to me that I should meditate–something I used to do a lot more than of late. He is tuned into things so when he told me–out of the blue–to meditate, I did it. Work has been hectic and stressful lately so I was glad to be reminded to take care of myself.

Tonight he and I had a typical evening at home ; we had dinner, he read a little, took a bath, and then he played Angry Birds while I worked on my computer. When I put him into bed I asked him, just for fun, if I should meditate and he told me yes. I said, “Why, Ben?” And he said, “Because you need to settle up.” “Settle…up?” I said. “Yes,” he said and then he rolled over to go to sleep.

I thought about this for awhile. No one would ever use that expression, “settle up”–he couldn’t have heard that somewhere–he made it up. But it’s exactly what meditating is to me–I don’t really settle down…well, I do…but it’s more like I settle upward.

How is he so wise and original?


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2 responses to “Ben’s take on Meditation 2/9/12

  1. Patsy Flint

    He is truly a magic child. And wise and original. He makes me believe in other dimensions. There’s SO much we don’t know.

  2. "Cousin" Cathy

    What a wonderful ‘stabilizer’ Ben is! Lucky you.

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