February 28th Bad Day at School

This all happened on February 28th…been meaning to post:

It started with a note from Ben’s teacher, in which I didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry:


Ben had a difficult day today. He repeatedly disrupted the two students who sit next to him. He copies everything they say and he calls them names like, “Big Bird.” He also tries to pet one of the students and he says, “What nice fur you have.” I told him that if it continued tomorrow I would have to change his seat. We discussed how those two boys are his friends, and we practiced appropriate ways to talk to our friends and get their attention. If you could talk to him about this I would appreciate it.


Ms. ______

But  that night I discovered that the experience at school with Ben was not funny at all. He cried all during his homework and said he wanted to go to his room. I asked him if I could come with him and we went together. I told him that sometimes there were certain situations that were just not good and that it happens to everyone–it’s happened to me, I told him. “You can be in a bad situation, like this school where you’re just not happy. But we’re going to find you a new school and it will all be better and you won’t feel like this anymore.” He looked at me and through his tears he said:

“I want to climb back inside your stomach and live there from now on. I used to hear you sing from inside there and sometimes you would wake me up. And when I looked through the dark I could see the stars.”

I hugged him while running these sentences through my head. And then I left the room to find a pen.


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3 responses to “February 28th Bad Day at School

  1. Patsy Flint

    A Note From Grandmommy: (If I have enough room),
    Upon almost a month’s reflection on this beautifully written blog, I reread the teacher’s original note to you. It seems to me Ben has a very conscientious teacher who spent a lot of time and thought on the note she wrote you. 1. She states the problem very clearly with examples. 2. She follows it with her actions. 3. She finishes by asking for your support. To me, she is trying VERY hard to be a good teacher. She could be Ben’s ally in his social growth.

  2. Patsy Flint

    Again Grandmommy here:
    You handle the situation so beautifully, Kelly. What good parents Ben has. He was correct in choosing you both for his Mommy and Daddy.

  3. Patsy Flint

    I missed the part about signing up for notification on my email of new blogs for you. Maybe a teenager can teach me how to do that?????

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