About LoveBenjamin

Welcome to LoveBenjamindotcom, a blog about my son, Ben, who was diagnosed with autism in 2003. Ben is a high-functioning child who, nonetheless, faces great challenges–particularly in the social arena. However, this blog is not about curing or fixing or changing him–it is about accepting, appreciating and sharing with the world his unique perspective on life.

Parents who learn their child does not fit into the typical mold find themselves facing an abyss.  The fear can be overwhelming. Ultimately for me, I found that acceptance was the key that opened a doorway that led into my personal growth as a person above and way beyond Ben’s autism. At first I thought that I was going to have to become Herculean; I was going to have to teach my son everything about life that he would not instinctively know. But as time passed, I discovered that Ben had far more to teach me than I could ever teach him and he became, not only my teacher, but my healer.

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