Ben’s Obsession with Michael Jackson

Ben: “Michael Jackson died wearing his Thriller costume.” Me: “What makes you say that?” Ben: “Because every time he comes out of his grave he is wearing it.”

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  1. John Higgins

    Good afternoon! I love Ben! Thank you for this latest. How’s by you? Did you know I resigned from The Station last July? I stayed on till Labor Day because I love Hugh Broder. We needed to transition projects, clients, etc. Robert and I had made a pact 20+ years ago too that if we planned well we could pull up roots and pursue our own creative projects. Very grateful to say we have embarked in this new Act or Chapter with gusto! I turned 50 this past March and we have been having a blast traveling, writing and setting up projects. I’ve even renewed my membership with Actor’s Equity and was cast in a play that goes up in May. Very exciting and daunting. At the moment we are en route to Paris, St Petersburg and Helsinki to celebrate our Anniversary, my 50th and Robert’s 60! Woooo! What’s new by you? Please do stay in touch. Oh, I’m seeing lovely Daria and Adam in July for what has become an annual Summer Visit when they see their kids at Camp. Angels all around you and Ben. Xoxo, John

    Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPhone


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