Ben Contemplates the Universe

“What if a comet hits the moon and it cracks into a million pieces? We’ll have to get glue and stick it back together. But we’ll have to be careful not to use too much glue or it might spill over to where the sun is and then the sun might stick down below the Earth and never come up again.”


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3 responses to “Ben Contemplates the Universe

  1. Patsy Flint

    I cannot tell you how much I’m enjoying this blog. Not only does it make me feel more connected to Ben and you, but it also makes me appreciate his wonderful version of the way things work. He’s got MUCH better ideas than the rest of us have.
    Love, GM

  2. Anne M. Williams

    Thank you for sharing Benjamin’s wit and wisdom. Nice seeing you this morning, too.
    “Southern” Anne

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